Iridescent Thread Red


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Iridescent Thread Red

We designed Iridescent Thread Red as a hybrid cross between a thread and fine round tinsel. Iridescent Thread Red is a fine tinsel wrapped around fine monofilament strands as a core. For fly tying it acts like a fine wire. Wrapped tight around a fine hook and the strands of tinsel can be opened slightly if you wish giving a slightly faceted, gleaming surface. Iridescent Thread Red has been developed initially for vibrant buzzers and chironomids, caenis and corixa water boatmen. However in practice, Iridescent Thread Red is ideal for trout, salmon, saltwater and predator flies for bodies, thoraxes and vibrant hot spots. Iridescent Thread Red looks stunning on fly bodies and makes amazingly vibrant heads.

There are 45m / 49.2 yards (approx ) per spool of Iridescent Thread Red

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