2wt Fiberglass Rod Blank


These Fly Rod Blanks are the same as what is used in our Moonlit Lunar S-Glass fiberglass fly rods, except the blanks do not have the white section.

These fiberglass fly rod blanks are designed to be a medium/fast progressive action rod, with lots of reserved casting power. It has a soft crisp casting stroke making it a pure joy to cast.


Blank Weight

2wt- 1.4oz

3wt- 1.5oz

4wt- 1.8oz

5wt- 2.20z

2wt BLANK Specs

Tip Diameter: 1.51mm
Butt Diameter: 9.52mm

Guide Spacing (starting from the tip end)
T1 (tip section): 110mm, 240mm, 390mm
T2: 80mm, 280mm, 505mm
T3: 290mm
T4 (handle section): none

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